About Cacheflow

We believe that software is transforming every function in a business. This creates an opportunity to focus more on what's core to the company's mission. And as a result, flourish.

We have gone from buying one bulky ERP to buying hundreds of pieces of software to power every department. The irony is that these digital products are being sold with an analog process that is manual and paper heavy, putting strain on the buyer.

We built Cacheflow to modernize the way businesses buy and sell SaaS. A simple and delightful buying experience that leads to a better start to the relationship.

Our Vision

Accelerate the world’s transition to software by simplifying the buying experience.

Meet the team

Sarika Garg, Co-founder and CEO

With over twenty years as a product management and go-to-market strategy executive, Sarika has led teams at SAP, Ariba, and unicorn Tradeshift.

She has built pioneering products at the intersection of Fintech, SaaS and Business Networks.

Brian Zotter, Co-founder and CTO

With over two decades of VP Engineering roles at companies like Salesforce and Medium, Brian has built pivotal platforms like Force.com.

As a successful three-time startup founder he brings unparalleled knowledge and SaaS experience.


Our Investors


CEOs, CROs, CFO and operators from unicorn SaaS and Fintech companies.


women operators via the Neythri Futures Fund.

Our Values


It’s in our company’s name and it’s in our mission. And it’s the North Star for our culture too, as we build the company that we’ve always wanted to work for.

A place where every team member has the autonomy, support, and space to do their best work. So that work feels like play. And creativity, collaboration, and innovation can flourish for us, our team, and our customers.

Get in the flow. Your flow is the team’s flow.

Flow means

Start with trust

Distrust and doubt cause friction. Always assume good intent.

Dream big

Make obstacles disappear with the belief that we can do great things.

Stay curious

Don’t let fear of failure get in your way. Always be learning.

Be an owner

When something needs changing, you have the power to change it.

Hold up the mirror

Get out of your own way and be self-aware.

Work smart and be zen

Create feedback loops early and often to get results with low waste.

See how Cacheflow transforms the SaaS selling experience.