Cacheflow Press Release

“I can buy a $60K Tesla in 4 minutes. Why not SaaS?”

Flexible Payments. To sell more, sell faster.

Cacheflow brings “buy now, pay later” to SaaS

Give your customers an easy self-service checkout and flexible payment options. And you still get the money upfront.

Flexible payments

Stop forcing annual payments and start offering flexible monthly, quarterly, deferred payments to your buyer.

Automated billing

Leave manual billing and collections behind for automated, integrated billing that gets you paid without the stress.

Upfront cash flow

Get paid sooner, even when your customers pay later—Cacheflow advances the SaaS contract value to the seller so you don’t have to wait.

It’s time to change the buying experience.

Every single company in the world is buying more software. But the buying experience hasn’t changed in last 20 years. It’s still a black box, disjointed process where both parties lose time & money.

Industry leaders agree

Exciting new growth and financing use cases are possible when software sits at the point of sale, connected to real-time data and insights from both parties. Square did this for SMB. Cacheflow does this for SaaS.

Gokul Rajaram

Board Member, Investor and Executive at Doordash

We spend so much effort building software that people love. Let’s make sure they love how they buy it too.

This is an obvious idea once you hear it. Every SaaS company should be using the Cacheflow checkout instead of wasting precious engineering resources to build a sub-optimal one themselves.

Leyla Seka

COO at Ironclad, Investor

Even a small company buys 100+ pieces of SaaS software today. They need to be able to pay for it easily and over time. I saw this at Salesforce, Servicenow, and at Google Marketplace. There is an opportunity to create a standard checkout experience that can be used by all SaaS vendors.

Avanish Sahai

VP ISV & Apps Partner Ecosystem at Google and Board Member at Hubspot

With Zuora, we helped power the shift to the subscription business model globally. Cacheflow accelerates and expands this shift further by helping subscription businesses offer flexibility to their customers and yet generate cash flow sooner, thereby allowing them to grow their business faster!

KV Rao

Founder of Zuora and Aviso

Large enterprises such as IBM, Oracle, HP and GM have had finance arms for decades because they knew that payment flexibility can help sell more — Cacheflow is packaging this up and making it available to every SaaS company in the world.

Alan Black

Taking companies public, Founder, Surfspray Capital

Cash flow is the lifeblood for any company. Traditionally, either the buyer or the seller wins the cash flow battle. Cacheflow brings a unique solution where both parties win — they can maximize their cash flow in an embedded and continuous manner.

Bruce Felt

CFO Domo

See how Cacheflow transforms the SaaS selling experience.